Will Apple release a redesigned Apple Watch in 2024?

Redesigned means it looks significantly different from Series 9, unlike Series 8 and Series 7 which are very similar. A slightly larger screen also doesn’t qualify as redesigned.

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Bloomberg's Mark Gurman expectes a "redesign" with Apple Watch 10 being thinner and having different magnetic band attachments. I'm thinking if it's visually apparent this would be significant enough?

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At least one Apple Watch model will feature an updated look, and while Gurman does not specify, it could be the standard Apple Watch that's getting a design update. Apple just introduced the Apple Watch Ultra in 2022, and while there are rumors of a larger microLED display for that device, current information suggests Apple won't be ready to add microLED until 2025 or 2026.

This sounds fairly wishy-washy

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@mattyb no doubt, it's very wishy-washy. It still seems like the most accurate current expectations I could find. I have seen others place greater emphasis on the fact that a new Ultra wouldn't make sense this year but a 10th anniversary watch redesign does. (it's also possible that it wouldn't come until 2025 but it seems more likely this fall)