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closes Dec 31
Will @OmniDestiny get unbanned from twitter in 2022?

Destiny has appealed his @OmniDestiny twitter account ban.

Will he get unbanned in 2022?

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is predicting NO at 80%

I believe in him getting unbanned pretty soon, but not this year COPIUM

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is predicting YES at 83%

It's happening GODSTINY

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Phillip Constantine
sold Ṁ20 of NO

Sold out of my "NO" because of this tweet. Looks like almost everyone is getting unbanned.


I had previously thought the new team would review individual bans instead of blanket amnesty, but looks like that was wrong.

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nmwood _
sold Ṁ950 of YES

Only sweatstiny thing about this poll is if TheOmniLiberal gets banned instead.

100% destiny is getting unbanned no shot in a world where sargon, sneako and rekita all get unbanned he doesn't

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bought Ṁ1,000 of YES

Sargon, Rekieta, Sneako.

It is happening. I Believe

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bought Ṁ60 of NO


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