Will I, an iPhone user, like using an Android phone?
Jun 1
  • My current phone is iPhone 12 Pro.

  • I had multiple Android phones previously and did not like the experience.

  • An internet friend of mine argued Androids have much better UX now.

  • I am intrigued and willing to try using an equivalent Google Pixel phone for ~half a year.

  • If after half a year of using the android phone I conclude I generally like it better than the phone I currently have, this question will resolve as Yes, and as No if I did not.

  • N/A if preconditions aren't met (e.g. I did not buy a phone).

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@niksaak, are you still active on this site and able to provide an update?

Apple has long been the hardware king and Google, the software/UI king, but the gap has been closing. If you’re not sensitive to Android shaming and you’re not OCD enough about privacy/security to be the type of person to use, say, Google Advanced Protection, I’m guessing you’ll like Android more. This is assuming ofc that you get a similarly tiered Android, like a Pixel 7.

Apple is absolutely proprietary!

As an iPhone user, I miss my Galaxy Note 8