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Anthony Joshua
Francis Ngannou

Ngannou, age 37, (17-3-0, 12KOs) is an MMA fighter from Cameroon. He's just off from stunning Tyson Fury in a close loss on his professional boxing debut last year, and he hopes to do it again against Joshua. This is his second professional boxing fight.

After losing his belts to Oleksandr Usyk in 2021 and losing in a rematch a year later, Joshua (27-3, 24KOs) bounced back with three straight wins. Joshua, 34, has aspirations of winning the world title a third time after his most recent win, a commanding stoppage victory over Otto Wallin in Saudi Arabia in December last year.

Here's an early head-to-toe breakdown by Bleacher Report.

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@traders congratulations to those who bet on Joshua . can i close the market now?

Drake curse 🤦🏾‍♂️

@mug0 Drake better stay away from my UFC 299 bets

@LuisCostigan ‼️‼️. praying he doesnt bet on Dustin. Or Chito

If I bet no on both fighters and it ends in a draw, do I win both bets?

@ice 100% probability has to be assigned at resolution, so I guess he will N/A in that case. Or he might assign 50% to both.

@travis 50/50 seems fair. Majority draw 67/33?

@travis will wait on mug for confirmation. Thx for info on resolution criteria. Hiya!

@ice I should have made the resolution criteria clear in the description, or even made the market a simple Yes/No perhaps. In case of a draw, I’ll resolve both as N/A

@mug0 ty!

Market for chief support on undercard

Sports websites that I checked (Bet365 and BetUS) giving around 1:4 betting odds (25% chance) to Ngannou. Francis is great, he has a strong chin and punches really strong, but there's a good chance than Tyson Fury had been underestimating him significantly and was out of shape. Things are probably going to be different with Anthony Joshua.

@jBosc you’re right, AJ is still one of the best boxers of this generation. To me 1:4 is an accurate reflection of Francis’s puncher’s chance. When AJ fought someone who hits nearly as hard Francis (Andy Ruiz Jr) he got KO’d, and chins do get weaker with age. We’re in for a treat.

Ngannou just broke a punch machine

bought Ṁ80 Anthony Joshua

Hope ngannou wins

@DylanHarrison Loool sell Joshua and buy Francis then 😆

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