Will I attend WARP/ESPR/PAIR or similar in 2024?

Potentially relevant info:

  • I am starting university this fall

  • I applied to ESPR/PAIR in 2023. I was waitlisted -> ghosted by ESPR

  • I did not apply to WARP in 2023

  • I am a 2023 Atlas Fellow

  • I currently intend to apply to all programs that are eligible for this market

  • I will only bet YES on this market

  • I will comment with relevant updates on my application status for all of these programs

Resolution criteria:

Resolves YES if and only if I attend an eligible program in 2024. Eligible programs are those mentioned in the title, as well as any program that either shares an instructor with or is affiliated with SPARC, ESPR, PAIR, WARP, or the Atlas Fellowship. Programs are "affiliated" if one mentions the other by name on their website. I "attend" a program if I am present onsite for at least 24 hours within the program's duration, and I am designated as a participant. For example, if I visit SPARC for a day, or if the Atlas Fellowship runs next year and I go as a junior counselor, these will not make the market resolve YES. If none of these programs run or I change my mind and decide not to apply, this market will resolve NO. This will resolve when 2024 ends, or after I have spent 24 hours as a participant in an eligible program.

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How were they annoying?

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Update: I am probably not going to be applying to ASPR/WARP

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Ok I'm no longer sure if I want to apply to ASPR/WARP. I'm not sure if I'll even be able to take time off school to go, and the application questions are kind of annoying. I still plan on applying to similar programs if I think it's likely I will be able to go to them and/or they have a fun application. (Examples of "fun" applications: Atlas Fellowship, Polaris Fellowship, some parts of the 2023 ESPR/PAIR tasks)

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Everything here https://www.fabric.camp/ counts


@JamesCamacho 😭😭😭