Will I at any point in 2024 have more than one romantic partner?

I currently have one partner and plan to be with them for a long time. However, I am also poly-curious and have a manifold love account. I'm not very active there though.


Both I and the other person have to agree that we are "in a romantic relationship", in order for us to be, for resolution purposes, in a romantic relationship. If this is true of two people at the same time, this question resolves YES. I will delay the resolution by rand(1,90) days for privacy reasons. If the closing date hits without this condition being met, I will use a random number from 1 to 6. If it is 1, I will wait 90 days and then resolve NO. Otherwise, I will immediately resolve NO.

Hash of a string containing the random number from 1 to 90 and no other numbers: fdcb8d6c24c569be9fe33e44881d4d93d0870d4f21ca68525c680ab33170576d

Hash of string containing the one from 1 to 6:


I will not trade on this market. Attempts at market manipulation are allowed and encouraged, but I will not take a bribe of any form to falsely declare that I am in a romantic relationship. My current probability on this is 40%. I will not give any further updates on this until resolution.

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Have you discussed poly/open relationships with your current partner?

@NBAP yes. the current partner is already polyamorous