Will MrGirl release another update to the article before June 1, 2023?
closed Jun 1

MrGirl released his first update to "The Destiny Report" on April 17. Will there be another version released before June?

This market will resolve YES on June 1 if:

  • MrGirl publishes an update to the article as a new entry in his Substack

  • MrGirl publishes the article on another platform and it is clearly an update to the report

  • MrGirl publishes the article on another platform, with the same content, but in a different format (ex. a video essay version)

  • MrGirl adds a changelog to one of the two existing Substack articles, that adds or removes substantive details or content (ex. A new story of Destiny's abuse, the removal of one of the stories already present, or the addition of sources)

This market will resolve NO on June 1 if:

  • MrGirl makes minor updates (spelling, grammar, correcting an error like the name of a person being incorrect) to one of the Substack links

  • MrGirl publishes the article on another platform, but the content and form are unchanged

  • MrGirl does not publish a new version of the article or update the existing Substack links as detailed above

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