Will MrGirl release another update to the article before June 1, 2023?
resolved Jun 17

MrGirl released his first update to "The Destiny Report" on April 17. Will there be another version released before June?

This market will resolve YES on June 1 if:

  • MrGirl publishes an update to the article as a new entry in his Substack

  • MrGirl publishes the article on another platform and it is clearly an update to the report

  • MrGirl publishes the article on another platform, with the same content, but in a different format (ex. a video essay version)

  • MrGirl adds a changelog to one of the two existing Substack articles, that adds or removes substantive details or content (ex. A new story of Destiny's abuse, the removal of one of the stories already present, or the addition of sources)

This market will resolve NO on June 1 if:

  • MrGirl makes minor updates (spelling, grammar, correcting an error like the name of a person being incorrect) to one of the Substack links

  • MrGirl publishes the article on another platform, but the content and form are unchanged

  • MrGirl does not publish a new version of the article or update the existing Substack links as detailed above

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