Will Ron DeSantis regret supporting Trump before 2025?

This market will resolve YES if Ron DeSantis publicly states he regrets his support of Trump before the end of 2025. News reports quoting sources close to DeSantis will be insufficient to resolve this as YES, this market is specifically about DeSantis publicly regretting his support of Trump. If he hasn't said any qualifying statements, this market will resolve NO on 1/1/25.

Examples of statements that would qualify:

  • "I regret supporting him"

  • "I wish I threw my support at someone else"

  • "I've realized he wasn't the candidate we needed"

Examples of statements that wouldn't qualify:

  • "I regret dropping out so early, I think we could have found a stronger candidate"

  • "I think we should have considered other candidates more closely"

  • "It's a shame Trump lost the election"

I won't trade on this market.

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