What will happen to Donald Trump’s social media platform, TRUTH Social, in 2024?
Massive short selling causes the value of the stock to plummet.
Truth Social is subject to a civil or criminal government investigation
Trump manages to trade shares before the end of the lockup period
Trump sells Truth Social
Elon Musk purchases or finances Truth Social

Truth Social is an app owned by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) founded by Donald Trump.

Trump is facing over $500 million in fines from multiple legal cases; he’s desperate but also obsessed with the platform, which has been shockingly successful despite its unprecedented business model. Its owner is also the Republican candidate for president with a dreadfully anticipated election in 7 months.

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Massive short selling causes the value of the stock to plummet.

If people can organize a movement to storm Area 51, then I can foresee people taking delight in pulling the rug out from under the guy who hates democracy.

bought Ṁ70 Truth Social is subj... YES
Trump sells Truth Social

This needs to resolve or N/A or clarify. He never owned all of it. Now it has been offloaded onto the public but he still owns a stake. Let’s say Elon Musk makes an offer for the whole company tomorrow. Truth Social board, which presumably thinks Trump is a great guy, calls a meeting and recommends shareholders accept the offer. Which could be great offer! Shareholders, 99% of whom think Trump is a great guy, 0.5% of whom think Truth Social is fantastic business model, and 0.5% of whom are unaware their financial advisor put their money into this, approve. Company now private and owned by Elon. I don’t THINK this not ridiculous scenario counts as “Trump sells Truth Social” but maybe I’m nitpicking.

@mikeangelo "The TMTG-DWAC merger does NOT close" should resolve as NO.

The TMTG-DWAC merger does NOT close

This can be resolved.

'Trump sells Truth Social' - must he sell his whole stake or merely any part?

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