Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of human (sex) trafficking?

Regarding his current charges and the outcome of his arrest.

The "exploitation purposes" prerequisite needs to (more or less) be ruled to relate to the sex work that the trafficked persons performed or were intended to perform.

Feb 3, 10:59pm: Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of sex trafficking? → Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of sex/human trafficking? May 18, 5:41am: human (sex) trafficking

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TBC he isn't even accused of sex trafficking and this market ought probably be <10%.

Thank you so much for the insight. The fact that Romania doesn't literally call it sex trafficking is such a brilliant point that definitely hasn't been covered before.

It's not that they don't call it sex trafficking it's that it's not sex trafficking. Maybe it's been discussed somewhere but i didn't notice it when I skimmed the comments, and I didn't get any response when I pointed it out ~10 months ago.

For what purpose to you think he is being accused of trafficking people for? Berry-picking? Office work?

Which part of
"The "exploitation purposes" prerequisite needs to (more or less) be ruled to relate to the sex work that the trafficked persons performed or were intended to perform."
in the question is unclear? If he is ruled to be guilty of human trafficking, and the court says that he did/intended to force the victims to do sex work, this resolves YES. There's some room for interpretation of the court's decision, but all is reasonably clear to me.

Yeah, what @AIBear said. AFAIK he's accused of trafficking people to work under illegal work conditions in areas unrelated to sex, so question would resolve NO based on that.

@jim this is a translated transcipt of a hearing back in Jan 2023

tate's lawyer is speaking here:

Regarding the material of the charges against the defendants, speaking of the crime of

human trafficking, the prosecutor considers, as well as the modalities. of committing this crime, from the multiple offered by the incrimination norm, first of all recruiting the respective persons by misleading, by exercising acts of mental and physical violence, harboring and transporting the respective persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forcing them to carry out pornographic materials and being subjected to forced labor.

of course, I could just be mistaken, but what I read was from months after that so it's possible that charges were dropped

Thinking of getting into this market..can anyone point me to biased and unbiased sources, ideally a lazy ass summary ;)

thanks in advance

https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/andrew-tate-timeline best I could find. Some excerpts for the truly lazy:

The Defence

The brothers' lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, told Romanian online newspaper Gandul: “There is not a single piece of evidence apart from the victim’s statement that leads to the idea that a crime of rape was committed.”

Of human trafficking offences, he added: “In my view, there is no evidence there either, and I’m talking about evidence leading, by itself or directly, to the formation of an opinion of reasonable suspicion regarding the commission of offences provided for and punishable by criminal law.”

Speaking of Andrew's social media presence, he said: "In the case of the Tate brothers, I don’t know what their intent was in promoting themselves on social media, but I sit here and wonder, can that intent from the social media stand as evidence in a criminal prosecution case, with respect to a criminal character?”

The Evidence

In the early 2010s, Andrew launched a webcam company with his brother, Tristan, from his apartment in London. Andrew describes it as “webcam pimping” in this interview clip, in which he said the business was making him $600,000 a month, with 75 women working for him from four locations.

In a 2022 exclusive from the Sunday Mirror, Tristan admitted the business was a “scam” that saw the women lie to customers in order to get money from them.

The BBC reports that a case file compiled by Romanian prosecutors contains graphic allegations of coercive control, sexual violence, and Tate appearing to claim leadership over the alleged human trafficking ring.

The file contains 300 pages of reported evidence and testimony. The BBC notes, “Some of the messages may originally have been written or recorded in English, then translated into Romanian by prosecutors and re-translated back into English by the BBC.”

The file reportedly contains testimony from women who lived near the Tates' house in Bucharest, who allege that income generated from their online pornographic content was controlled by the defendants. Georgiana Naghel, one of the Tates' co-defendants, is accused of controlling all the money made by the complainants on OnlyFans.

Some witnesses claim they were forced to produce specific content under the threat of verbal and physical abuse, with the case file referring to threats to "break your teeth" or "end up in the morgue," said to be from Naghel. A lawyer for Naghel denied these allegations to the BBC.

The prosecutors' file also contains what is claimed to be transcriptions of audio messages from 2020, in which Tristan Tate allegedly says, “Mainly I'm going to slave these bitches […] I'm going to make them work even more hours and hours and hours.. I work these bitches like slaves. […] SLAVE work. Minimum 10 or 12 hours a day.”

An arrest warrant has been issued for Andrew Tate and his brother in the UK and Romanian authorities have arrested them off the back of it.

Will Tate appear in court in the UK?

When will he Andrew Tate be convicted?

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@SoundsNentindo you're right, human trafficking is because wokeness

@faebie are the tags AI generated? And what does destiny.gg have to do w this question specifically

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This should be resolved to no

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@AdamDyer i agree

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@AdamDyer Based on? The resolution is for before 2031 - you don’t think that some 7 or 8 years out is a little early to call it? Not to mention he’s still pending trial now

Is Memestiny even still active?

@Joshua Distantly. I'm finishing my degree, so my time has been limited. Will hopefully start checking in more frequently soon

Interesting! Cool to finally see movement on this market.

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@Tumbles there's some really spicy stuff in that