Booksmarts Stock (Permanent)

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is predicting YES at 49%

i suspect we will see more of bookfucker in the future

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is predicting YES at 47%

booksmarts had a long-standing good reputation with dgg, he just left on a bad note

if he came back during more serious content, i'd expect opinion of him to rise again

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bought Ṁ50 of NO

booksmarts? More like poopfarts

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Booksmarts is a wildcard. He could pop up for a fundraising stream at any moment, and he has a negative history with Max, which could go either way if he does some content reviews. His friendship with WickedSupreme adds to the probability of this, but it's unclear which side he would land on and how that might impact stocks. I'd avoid this one for the time being.

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bought Ṁ5 of YES

🗿 I believe in him

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is predicting NO at 53%

Booksmarts's main claim to fame was his percieved impartiality and how Destiny saw him as a genuine help to his rhetoric. Ever since that was tarnished in the Elden Ring arc it's become pretty unlikely that Book will come on stream much less come into good graces again.

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