Will Destiny make IRL content with Aba in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

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Sounds like this is a No. If it was a Yes, I expect we'd have seen a post here with evidence. The clarification below about "not in home" seems sensible enough in context and well with creator lattitude to deal with ambiguities. It's a bit unfortunate that it didn't get included into the description at some point, but it also wasn't buried in a giant comment thread or anything.

If this is a mistake, please speak up about why and link sources; I'm not a Destiny watcher.

I don't envy the mod that has to resolve this

@dgga If Destiny or Aba streams their dinner or whatever then it should resolve YES imo. Them streaming from Destiny's home should obviously not resolve YES, the market creator clarified that in the comments.

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Pony up doubters

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@LiamAndrew what happened?

Destiny is in toronto at the moment, doubters in shambles

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Does Aba visiting destiny's home count, like he did before? Or do they have to go somewhere and have to do real IRL content?

@Agh I believe we shouldn't include home streams as IRL since every Destiny stream is like that.

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@melo If that how we rule it I'll take the L fair and square. But we both know that his content is just having conversations. The Fuentes chicken and waffles stream was basically a chill conversation "IRL", but they also did a formal debate in his apartment. So which one is more content?

@LiamAndrew I think the point of the creator was that "IRL streams" normally mean streams that happen outside of the regular "sitting in front of a PC" -context and for the resolution of this market that part is as meaningful as the fact that the stream involves them both.