Will the Hard Fork podcast have an emergency AI episode by the end of 2024?

Hard Fork is a weekly podcast from the New York Times, hosted by @KevinRoose18ac and Casey Newton. Each Friday they drop a new episode on technology and news surrounding it (if you haven’t listened before, I’d highly recommend it, they’re also on YouTube now).

Occasionally they will release an “emergency” episode, released in addition to their normal weekly podcast. Historically, these have been thus:

Will there be another Emergency Pod in 2024?

While it doesn’t have to necessarily be titled “Emergency Pod”, it must be a supplemental episode to the normal Friday one, and it must be focused on AI, AI People, or AI’s practical applications in the world…etc. Each of the prior SamA ones would have counted (he’s the AI guy). If the Christmas episode comes out a day early/late, that doesn’t count!

Inspired by @MichaelL‘s market here:

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