[The Pivot] Will Manifold ever give a cash payout from Prize Points?
Aug 1
James is confident y’all!

Context: Announcement

In the announcement having cash payouts (tied to Prize Points) was flagged as being ambitious. Will this ever come to fruition? Resolves YES on the first user being paid out.

Cash payouts must be tied to Prize Points, not Creator Bonuses (another pay out system), as outlined in the pivot announcement. Market will extend as needed, and Resolve NO on confirmation that this will not be happening.

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bought Ṁ200 YES


opened a Ṁ5,000 YES at 84% order

Come fill my biased limit order

This should be a prize point market

@Odoacre 😙👌

Would Gift Cards count?

@mint yes.

This is not 'will it last more than six months', which is the more important question

@jacksonpolack if the whole PP thing dies before anyone gets paid out, this Resolves NO.

bought Ṁ10 NO

@mattyb /market 6 months after the first prize points cash payout, will I be able to cash out more prize points?

I like Semi's market:


James is confident y’all!

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