On which dates will the Dali (the ship that hit the Key Bridge) still be in the Patapsco River? 🚢🌉🌊
Jul 16
April 15th
May 15th
June 15th
July 15th

Context: The Dali ship crew is still on board after hitting the Baltimore bridge

At a news conference Friday, officials said moving the ship was a second priority, after reopening the shipping lane in and out of the Port of Baltimore. Ledoux said moving the ship would require a damage assessment once the bridge parts are removed, including divers checking for damage underwater, and then clearance from authorities to tug the boat.

On which dates will the Dali ship still be located in Patapsco River’s waters?

All answers will Resolve YES on their respective dates, and all open answers will Resolve NO when the ship is removed from the water, or sails out through the Chesapeake Bay.

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bought Ṁ189 April 15th YES

@mattyb April 15th resolves YES.

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