[CAPTURE THE FLAG] Will anyone from the comments go to 37.810718, -122.424848? (California)
resolved Jul 22

Resolves YES if someone posts an image at the given location with the scenery clearly in the background and in the foreground a note with the commenter's username and the date. Resolves NO if this hasn't happend by close.

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@wylderai nice one

@levifinkelstein I swam out to the coordinates. There was a breakwater under the pier I was able to sit on and take photos from. I struggled a bit to get high quality photos since I brought an old phone, but see Alcatraz, the Ghirardelli factory and the view back along the pier below.

@wylderai beautiful 😍

@wylderai Legendary. @DavidChee one for twitter/newsletter

@Charlie "guy swims under pier next to Alcatraz to win a prediction market"

Is it still closed?

predicted NO

@Alana i think it’s permanently closed

@mana @levifinkelstein Would image taken via drone/RC car be allowed (assuming this is legal)?

predicted NO

huh cool, reminds me of geohashing

predicted YES

@Sinclair geocaching too :0

predicted NO
predicted YES

Name: Trong
Date: Jul 9

predicted NO

@8 the note must be in the image

I know a guy

does being close on a boat count?

@DeadRhino i think if ur under the pier


Looking from this image I would say you're close enough if you're right next to the coordinate with a boat.

@levifinkelstein would the northernmost point of hyde street pier then count? that photo makes the pier appear much larger

predicted NO

@cloe that looks too far away.

predicted YES

@levifinkelstein oh okay, but out of curiosity, what's the minimum radius?

@cloe If I kayak out there and touch the edge of the pier is that close enough?

@JimAusman Yes, if you do it at the point next to the coordinate