There are 17 knifes each with 2 holes. Each knife opens half of the 71 chest holes. Is the number of holes prime?
resolved Mar 29

Resolves to question's answer March 28th 2023

Will not clarify any details, they have to be inferred from the quesiton to make it fair for everyone.

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Could you put the SHA hash of the answer? With some phrase to salt it

Will you at least clarify the details after the market resolves?

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@IsaacKing 17*2 + 71 = 105 is not prime

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@levifinkelstein I’m so glad it was as simple as I thought. Cool market as I was terrified when I saw you buy YES LOL

@levifinkelstein That uh, doesn't answer all of my questions.

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@IsaacKing The question has a lot of random details and you just have to guess how to interpret it, I couldn't find any non-super-contrived way arriving at a prime number.

@levifinkelstein So there was no underlying narrative to make the described situation and question make sense?

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@IsaacKing correct

Thought I was on LinkedIn for a moment there.

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Zero is not a prime number. (There aren't enough knives to make a single complete passthrough hole.)