🤑 The first 5️⃣ people to help me calibrate my markets get Ṁ597 each! 🤑
No bounty left

I'm looking to have my markets be more calibrated. One way to do this is to seek out good faith trading activity, which is my goal with this market.

I will award Ṁ597 to the first 5 people that place a good faith bet in each of my open markets. Go here and sort by Open.

Comment below after you've done it to claim the bounty.

Remember that the trades have to be good faith, and not just for the purposes of claiming the bounty.

You decide yourself how much you want to bet, and then you also get any potential profits from making the bet, and you get to practice your betting skills, all while being paid to do it.

Get Ṁ1,000 play money
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You have 200+ open markets. Seems a tad low.

Is this still going? Haven't seen anyone get paid


I made a portfolio with a lot of my markets. This can be used to calibrate my markets if they are biased on average towards YES or NO.

Do good faith limit orders count? (You still get the trader bonus, but that shouldn't matter for calibration purposes)

done, yours are some of the most amusing markets on this platform