We're so back?
resolved Jan 1

Resolves to YES if we're so back by January 1, 2024. Resolves to NO otherwise (it's over).

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@kyle my league is looking way too close rn. you don't have to elaborate (and I expect that you won't), but I'd like to get this marked "non-predictive" so it doesn't count for leagues.


@chaos lmk why it's so over and i'll write you a poem on why you're a badass

(do not expect high quality)

predicted NO

@gaming because the contrarian bet was worth more

predicted YES

@chaos You bet based on the payouts; and not based on the truth; I'll show you why I might doubt; that your prospects will bear fruit; For all those numbers matter; in the context of their chance; when it resolves the latter; the former's empty hands; Yeah, you might pick a 4-leaf clover; you might make your fat stacks; but it's not over till it it's over; so we're so fucking back.

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@gaming I'm on my phone and line separation is tough. The semicolons are line breaks and every 4 lines is a stanza.

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we're so fucking back