Will Extropic's Guillaume Verdon aka BasedBeffJezos step down or otherwise be removed from his position by May 31?
Jun 1

@basedbeffjezos posted an "interesting first look" ~8 minute long video on x, highlighting the company's fancy sounding tech.


Additionally, a 40+ minute long video was posted interviewing him.

The above is context for this question; if Verdon makes a statement indicating that he has left Extropic, or if it is generally known that he has been removed from his position, or other widely accepted claims of this nature, by the last minute of May 31st, then this poll will resolve to YES.

If Verdon indicates either in a public statement (e,g on x) that he plans to step down before May 31st, and does not recant said statement by the end of May 31st, this will resolve to YES.

Otherwise, this resolves to NO.

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Here's a link to the 40 minute interview:


is there any reason to think that he would?

@shankypanky iykyk, shrug.