Will the EU regulate geo-blocking of copyright protected content by EOY 2027?


The 2018 Geo-blocking regulation prohibits discrimination based on location that it deems unjustified. However,

Services where the main feature is the provision of access to and use of copyright protected content, or the selling of copyright protected works in an intangible form, such as music streaming services, e-books, online games and software, are excluded from the scope of the regulation. But this will be subject to a review by the Commission.

The summary of this review: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/news/commission-publishes-its-short-term-review-geo-blocking-regulation

For these reasons, the Commission will launch a stakeholder dialogue with the audiovisual sector in order to discuss concrete ways to foster the circulation of, and improve consumers’ access to audiovisual content across the EU, before considering any follow-up measures.


Extending the geo-blocking regulation to some types of copyright content would naturally resolve this yes.

Implementing some form of licensing single market with the goal of improving access to copyright content would also resolve this yes.

I'll not bet on this market. I'll try my best to answer any hypotheticals asked in the comments and update this description with clarifications. I only commit to resolving based on the description.

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