Will Builders remedy take effect for San Francisco in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

if San Francisco fails to satisfy its RHNA requirements and the state puts builders remedy into effect for the city this will resolve yes.

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From what I'm hearing, the new deadline from HCD is on Dec 28. And staff isn't expected to decertify SF's housing element between dec 28 and the end of the year because they'll be out for holidays.

Looks like HCD gave another 30 days extension. Between that and some lack of clarity on whether builders remedy would be the immediate consequence, chances of builders remedy by EOY looking lower


Context article: The state of California tells San Francisco to take some actions within 30 days (by November 24, 2023), or else risk housing element decertification which could lead to the Builder's Remedy.

The first-of-its-kind audit by the California Department of Housing and Community Development identified 28 specific actions San Francisco must take to come into compliance and streamline its approval process to meet the city’s Housing Element, which requires the city to accommodate 82,000 new housing units by 2031.

Failure to meet some of these goals, some of which have deadlines as short as 30 days, could lead the state to “revoke housing element compliance and may result in additional enforcement action,” officials wrote.

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Betting no but dreaming that this ends up YES; would love to see SF nimbys get totally obliterated by the builder's remedy...

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