Will the market cap of ETH surpass the market cap of BTC by end-of-year 2025?

Historically the total market cap of Ethereum (ETH) has always been below that of Bitcoin (BTC). By "total market cap" we mean the summed total value of all ETH coins compared to the summed total value of all BTC coins.

The closest ETH has come to flipping BTC was in mid-2017 when the ratio between the two reached ~0.83. For most of 2022 the ratio has been hovering around 0.45. The hypothetical point in time where this ratio crosses 1.0 is known as The Flippening and is the event we are interested in.

This market will resolve to Yes if the market cap of Ethereum surpasses the market cap of Bitcoin as listed on CoinMarketCap by the end of 2025.

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