Will I complete this week without using social media before lunchtime each day?
resolved Jun 5

I am only counting reddit, facebook, twitter, instagram twitch and youtube because i dont use anything else. lunchtime is 12:30

edit: also no video games or porn. basically its a kind of dopamine detox

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Congrats, I'll try this challenge too!

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thank you everyone who bet on this market, i felt a considerable difference in my urge to open these forbidden website.

i'm going to do a similar poll for the month of june

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today was a success again. i am proud of doing mathematics instead of watching videos :) also i took a cold shower every morning for the last 3 days.

@jojomonsta7777 Doing mathematics is cool, I support you and other people in general doing more of it.

If you still have an old math textbook from high school or college you might want to take a peek at it (I'm guessing that most students barely crack their textbooks open in favor of being lectured at by their teachers instead).

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@duck_master thank you. why didn't you bet on my market :P ?

@jojomonsta7777 It was really high already :')

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today was a success again. although i slept badly and went back to bed again for a long time. Tomorrow 7:45 again.

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Today was a success but i got up at 8:15. tomorrow 7:45

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Today was a success. tomorrow i'm getting up at 8:00am

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Today was a success. tomorrow i'm getting up at 8:45am

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Today i got out of bed at 9:50 am and i was successful in my detox. tomorrow i'm gonna get up at 9 am.