Will Vaush's main channel reach 430k subscribers in March?

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johnleokspredicted NO at 33%
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Punished Furrysold Ṁ190 of YES

@johnleoks wtf, i just sold bc this site said he was at 429,066 lmao https://livecounts.io/youtube-live-subscriber-counter/UC1E-JS8L0j1Ei70D9VEFrPQ

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johnleoksbought Ṁ10,000 of YES

@PunishedFurry These sites are so unreliable <.<

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Punished Furry

@johnleoks wtf, he just went back down to 429. RIGGEDDDD

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johnleokspredicted YES

@PunishedFurry I still see 430k lol. Youtube buggin.