Will the Ukrainian army pull out of Bakhmut in March?
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The battle rages on, with no end in sight
As Ukraine's troops decide to stay and fight
Their hold on Bakhmut may be strong and bold
But in March, will they stay or fold?

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Alan Growbought Ṁ20 of YES

To the NOs: what exactly do you think is going to happen in Bakhmut? The changing control-of-terrain maps, not to mention other markets, suggest Russian control of the entire city soon. This is either a very optimistic bet that Ukraine holds Bakhmut, or a very pessimistic bet that encirclement is more likely than withdrawal.


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Jelleis predicting NO at 45%

@alangrow The Russian advance has stalled for days now.

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@Jelle Hopium. Here's a timelapse of ISW's control-of-terrain maps for the last couple weeks: https://imgur.com/a/4vzHlGl

Russian progress is clear from the timelapse. Manifold doesn't animate inline gifs, so here are the 4 frames as still images. Suggest looking at timelapse though for a better sense of how this unfolding.

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Alan Growis predicting YES at 37%

@alangrow Let's see if I can get these in chrono order for you...

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Jelleis predicting NO at 41%

@alangrow and Russia's advance is still stalled...

Everything you're sending is old news.

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Alan Growis predicting YES at 32%

Not sure how continued advances on 03/09 qualified as "stalled" and "old news" two days later but okay! Here's an updated ISW timelapse showing more incremental advances on 03/11 and 03/14.


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@alangrow Russia is still slowly progressing and Ukraine is still holding on, as expected. Ukraine has doubled down on Bakhmut, I doubt they're going anywhere.

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How does this resolve if they can't pull out because they get fully encircled and have to surrender?

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@NamesAreHard That wouldn't meet the criteria of resolving this market as a Yes.

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Is this the same or different?

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@PS Similar but not completely the same. It could be possible for the Russians to "have control" over Bakhmut while the Ukrainian army is still there.