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@mods 👋

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we should organize a simul-sell to get our money out of here

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@moderators u up?

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the creator of this market isn't active. mods should resolve this n/a i guess given clear difference in opinion over the meaning of the market.

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@BDStraw Sigh, I ditto this N/A resolution request. I think it should resolve NO, based on the market, but it’s clear others are trading on the interpretation of end of 2024, and the market is still open for trading

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It hasn’t happened by 2024? Idk why the close date is end of 2024, since it wouldn’t make sense for Cruz to endorse Trump after the election happened?

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@JoshuaB Tragic wrong button

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@JoshuaB yeah this should resolve no given the title

@JoshuaB I think this is the classic "what does by mean" debate. Some people use "by" to mean "strictly before" and some people use it to mean "before or during." Given the close date, the market creator probably intended the second meaning. @johnleoks is inactive I don't think we'll get clarification unfortunately.

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@Arky @Joshua‘s point that the elcetion is in the middle of 2024 is key in my opinion. If you wanted to make a market that said “will ted cruz endorse trump at any point during the election”, this would probably be the worst possible way to word it. Meanwhile this is a pretty reasonable tho slightly less than ideally specific way of asking “will he endorse trump by the start of 2024.”

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Cruz is actually the perfect running mate for Trump this time.

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@BTE trump has completely alienated all Republicans by criticizing soros

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