Will Nick Fuentes cancel the No Jumper debate with Destiny?
  1. According to Destiny, Fuentes might skip the debate because he's currently riding high on the Trump and Ye connection.


  2. Market resolves when we get confirmation from Destiny on whether the debate is happening or not.

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is predicting YES at 88%

This should've resolved already

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@ANN If you got a clip of Destiny saying it go ahead and link it here.

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David Davidson
is predicting YES at 89%

@johnleoks I know this technically doesn't meet your requirement, but it seems like it should count. Apparently, Adam said this during the podcast "we didn't even talk about how you feel about him duking the fade and deciding that he didn't want to debate you." https://youtu.be/_7CaDPi_2tI?t=135

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@johnleoks the debate was supposed to happen on the 28th and it never did

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@DavidDavidson Yep this counts.

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