Will Mr Girl reference Destiny's Islam arc in his manifesto?
resolved Mar 26

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I thought for sure MrGirl would talk about Destiny complaining about the harassment and death threats he got from muslims on twitter and try to compare it to himself and the other orbiters getting harassment on the subreddit or on twitter lol.

I guess I overestimated him.

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Reference to the islam arc "On March 12, 2023, Destiny again argued that lethal force against the DDoS kid would have been justified during a debate about Islam with a streamer named Qorantos:"

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@Bub good point

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@Bub the quote "during a debate about Islam" IS technically referencing that one particular debate, but it's a huge stretch to call it a reference to Destiny's Islam arc.

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@Bub That's just a debate about Islam. The Islam arc is where he went on Twitter to shit on Muslims and got death threats for it.

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No reference of Destiny's Islam arc in the article.

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