Will Linda Yaccarino still be the CEO of Twitter by the end of 2024?
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Linda is the CEO of X, and according to her LinkedIn profile, she has had an extensive career in the media industry. She spent 11 years at NBCUniversal Media LLC and served as COO at Turner for 19 years. Turner is a content creation and broadcasting company. In other words, she has a total of 30 years of experience in the media.

One of the reasons Linda joins X is so she can work alongside Elon and contribute to the company's transformation. She is currently working hard to rebuild the trust of advertisers who may have distanced themselves from X after the Musk acquisition. Additionally, X plans to launch a video calling service. Meanwhile, Tesla, which Linda also runs, is actively working towards the release of the Cybertruck.

Given why Linda joined X and the company's transformation is still in its infancy, and given the major projects underway at both companies, it is unlikely that she will leave after only a year and a half, as the question suggests. Additionally, Linda has over 10 years of experience at both companies, making it unlikely that she will resign.




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