Will Lav walk back her claim that Destiny sexually abused her? FYI up until now, she has maintained he did not do that.
resolved Jan 16
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📢Resolved to N/A; Inconclusive ; Debatable Yes and No. Too much content to scour. Vague criteria resolution.

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If any predictors have proof of a YES or NO resolution, please feel free to post to interpret.
It is my belief this should be a Yes, but I can not 100% say.

@traders Got proof?

predicted NO

@SirCryptomind wouldn't "yes" need a clip or message as proof?

@jojomonsta Yes, that is why I did not resolve it yet and asked,

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@SirCryptomind I got the vibe that she walked back the gravity of her statements and the amount of condemnation she put on Destiny in her come back stream and her interviews with RealSmeth and TomFoolery. However, iirc, she did not address the specific statement she made like a year ago that Destiny "sexually abused her" which I think she only said once. I could see either resolution being valid.

predicted YES

@PunishedFurry Or maybe she did address that specific claim and I missed it.

@PunishedFurry I think we are remembering the same thing.

Without going through old stuff, which is a lot, I am not sure really how this could resolve without it possibly being argued about.

I will leave it alone for now. Maybe something fresh will pop in my head, or maybe someone like @Agh would have a better memory of, or anyone for that matter.

@SirCryptomind no idea 🤷‍♂️ I was never a fan of Lav content.