Will Destiny's article about Mr. Girl be out by May 15th?
resolved May 16

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>johnleoks bought Ṁ100,000 NO from 0.7% to 0.1% 2 hours ago

What a douche nozzle

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@iteal That move net him M199 (the other M3900 was from earlier trades), and it doesn't hurt anyone to do that on binary markets. It just soaks up excess liquidity that would otherwise be burned, right?

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I think (could be wrong) the market creator gets any extra liquidity back

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@jacksonpolack I thought so too but I don't have a source for it and I have since seen people say that it's not the case.

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Just tested it here https://manifold.markets/jacksonpolack/market-creation-test-3 and two other markets I did get the liquidity back. could be untrue in the above situation tho

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What if Destiny didn't write the article himself, will this resolve as YES?

@iteal Yep.

Sold bc I imagine it'll take a while for him to pick out a decent writer from the community.