Will Destiny talk to Brittany Simon to potentially mend the bridge?
resolved May 1
  1. He has blocked her on all socials and refuses to talk to her despite Erudite's advice. He might change his mind after a few days.

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No time Limit? Safest bet I made so far

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@johnleoks does this just mean talk to brittany or actually mend the bridge, if they talk and they dont mend the bridge does this still resolve yes?

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@destiny If they talk and they don't mend the bridge, this will still resolve Yes. Talking to her to potentially mend the bridge is the only criteria regardless of the result.

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@johnleoks what if they talk, without the purpose of to mend the bridge, like just call to argue with no intent of bridge building?

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@destiny That wouldn't count. There has to be some indication that Destiny has the intent to potentially mend the bridge, like saying "I thought maybe we could be friendly again but guess not". There's already a market for them just talking.

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Will this close after a period of time?

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@Devin I'm giving it a month so April.

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On or off stream?!?

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@aRenegadeBOSS Either. If it's off stream he will mention it on stream anyway.

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