Will 150 or more Dggers show up for Destiny's Georgia canvassing project for the runoff election?

Market will resolve when there is confirmation that any single canvassing day has at least 150 canvessers. The confirmation can be from someone like Sejin (organizer) or Destiny himself mentioning the number of canvassers on stream or in chat.

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Good Grief
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In response to how many people have shown up to the event so far

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He got 170 people last runoff election and he has twice as many subs as he did back then.


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@TriHard 170 is definitely a lie, the pictures show not even 100

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Old Chicken
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i believe in the Daliban

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Related market. Come make your bets here as well.

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Isn't this quite difficult to determine parameter wise? I mean 150 in a day / 150 overall?
Is there a individual on the ground that will keep count and also help validate this market?

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@Neos_muidt They were able to figure out how many people were there last time, I'm sure they'll have no issue figuring it out this time as well. I also recall Destiny stating the number of canvassers on stream last time. As long as someone like Sejin or Destiny mentions the number of canvassers whether on stream or in chat, and if that number is 150 or more on any of the days canvassers are there, that will count as a Yes to the question of this market.

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@johnleoks thanks for the clarification.

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@johnleoks How will you confirm that each of the 150 mentioned is a dgger?

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@ANN As soon as they join, they are a dgger. My argument is anyone gets wind you were there they’re gonna say you are regardless of if you’re actually not. Lol

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@ANN As long as they're a canvasser we will consider them to be a dgger.