Communists vs Nazis (3 day market | Limit orders are restricted to a maximum of Ṁ10k per)
resolved May 4

Yes = Communists

No = Nazis

I will resolve the market in favor of the side that has the higher percentage, which would be at least 51% for YES and 49% for NO.


  1. The largest single limit order you can put down is Ṁ10k. You can make multiple limit orders but they have to be at least 1 minute apart. This is to:

    • Prevent whales from sniping the market last second by creating a limit order that is too large (Ex. a Ṁ100k limit order) for most traders to overcome.

    • Prevent whales from putting down multiple Ṁ10k limit orders in quick succession right before the market closes to guarantee a win.

    • Make the market a more even playing field for those with less mana while still letting those with more mana have an advantage, just not an insurmountable one.

    • Give all traders a reason to actively participate during the final moments before the market closes since you can't just put down a Ṁ50k or Ṁ100k limit order and automatically win.

  2. If someone breaks the rules and wins as a result, I will resolve the market as N/A or in some cases, resolve the market against them.

  3. After the market has closed, I will push it all the way up to 100% or all the way down to 0% in favor of the winning side before resolving it. I will not be participating at all while the market is still open.

Market closes on 5/3/23 8 A.M. PST

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@DeadRhino you just stole my snipe ;-;

@soph I sniped your sniped :)

3 day market