What will be true of season 1 of the new Harry Potter reboot series?
Harry Potter is white
Malfoy has white blonde hair
Ron Weasley is a redhead
An actor who acted in the movies returns for the show
A character cut from the movies appears (ie Theodore Nott)
At least one named character from the book has their gender swapped
JK Rowling is credited as both an executive producer and original writer
Premieres in 2026
Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s actors will all be British
80% or higher on rotten tomatoes
Hermione is white
Hermione is black
At least one of the actors is transgender
Goblins are still represented as anti-semitic caricatures
Rita Skeeter will have an explicit trans identity
Features an explicitly transgender character
90% or higher on rotten tomatoes
One or more of Hermione, Ron, and Harry have their genders swapped.
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Possible markets:

  • goblins are still anti-Semitic caricatures

  • if any student makes anything explode, it's little IRA dude Seamus Finnigan

  • the world still doesn't make sense (e.g. the creators don't know how many students there are in Hogwarts or even what the population of wizarding Britain is; no goblin bullion currency arbitrage, etc)

Features an explicitly transgender character

My money (if I were to bet on anything related to the horrible, horrible Rowling) is on Rita Skeeter's trans identity being made explicit rather than implied as in the books.

opened a Ṁ200 Rita Skeeter will ha... NO at 10% order

@BrunoParga I added the option and put a M200 limit order on no. Go grab it.

@CertaintyOfVictory thank you, but I actually don't want to bet on this market because it is about JKR. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my prior comment.

bought Ṁ5 At least one of the ... YES

I never heard about this

What makes people think it's implied?

AFAIK a sentence in her description is saying that she has manly hands.

@Ppau the woman who turns into an insect is probably the second-most hateable character in the entire series (behind Umbridge; Voldemort is not even in the same postcode). And, as some rando on the internet put it:

In The Goblet of Fire, Rita is described as having a 'heavily jawed face', 'mannish hands', and 'a surprisingly strong grip' as well as very fake nails, very fake hair, and a few very fake teeth.

This description coupled with the fact that she is literally illegally transforming her body in order to spy on children is no doubt Jo's way of reminding us of her transphobic tendencies.

If this wasn't Rowling, if there wasn't a lot of other obviously problematic things, this might get a pass. But we're talking about a world with a race of frail, greedy, hook-nosed, unfair-dealing, strange-named beings who could in principle form families with "normal people" but usually do not and who control banking and the money supply; the goblins in HP are an obvious anti-Semitic caricature.

So yeah, the characterization of Rita Skeeter does not get a pass.

I'm not sure what antisemitism has to do with transphobia, but consider me relatively convinced

opened a Ṁ1,000 Rita Skeeter will ha... NO at 10% order

I put up an M1000 limit order on NO if someone wants to bet on that.


@AbhinavSrinivas are we talking Voldemort on Quirrell’s head?

@mattyb no just like ykw in goblet, order, halfblood, and deathly

JK Rowling is credited as both an executive producer and original writer
bought Ṁ1 JK Rowling is credit... NO

does original writer mean for the show or is it something like it says "based on the works of J K Rowling"?

@jim what i’m intending here for the writer credit is that they’ll reference her writing of the books in the credits. Similar to Dune 2 and Frank