Will Mitch McConnell stop being Senate Republican Leader before end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Mitch McConnell is 80 years old and has been the Senate Republican Leader since 2007, and is the all time longest serving Party Leader in the Senate.

The question resolves as YES if Mitch McConnell resigns, is ousted by his caucus, dies, or for any other reason loses Party Leader status for the Senate Republicans before the end of 2023.

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And these assholes complain about Biden

@MP “These assholes” SHOULD complain about Biden. And McConnell. And Feinstein. And Fetterman. Etc. Complaining about incompetent leadership is one of our privileges.

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@JohnBrown Biden is great. It's just ageism the complaints towards him

@MP I think it actually IS primarily about his age. He started in local politics in 1970, started in the US Senate in 1972 (think Richard Nixon, Vietnam War, and Watergate), and he'll be 83 in 3 months. His cognitive decline appears to be accelerating.
With that said, I'm interested in how he is "great". This is not a confrontation, but a learning opportunity for me. Please tell me your top 3-5 favorite accomplishments of his administration.

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@JohnBrown He'll be 81 in 3 months. His mental shape is great, look at any interview or speech, and most importantly, at the quality of his administration, easily the best one in an exceptionally long time.

It's hard to say the top 5 accomplishments, because they are many
- Inflation reduction act, with hundreds of billions to address climate change. That's for a country that never joined the Kyoto Protocol is a big accomplishment.
- His inflation policy, with the highly well timed SOR sales, backing of the central bank, defict reductions from the 2021 levels, and a policy that until now has delivered deflation, economic growth, and employment to the American people
- His Russia policy has been spotless. He made tons of tough decisions under significant risk and has come on top of them all. America has a state willing to risk their lives to destroy America's 2nd largest enemy, without risking any American lives and for a meager pricetag of $80B/year (many of which will be repaid by Brussels)
- His semiconductor policy has been spot on. Gina Raymondo trade embargos against China have been successful with limited backlash, while the CHIPS Act is significantly improving America's security
- His dealing of the debt ceiling deal with the republicans crazies was spotless too. He kept his head down, kept negotiating in private, and got to an agreement without having to resort to any significant concessions or shutting down the government.
- As a bonus, as a Brazilian, one that was incredibly good was how the administration used both its soft and hard power to guarantee a safe and democratic transition of power in Brazil

@MP Ah, only 81, my mistake.

We have very different view on his accomplishments, but I appreciate your earnestness - although your “republican crazies” comment tells me a lot.

I agree on the Chips act. That is this administration’s best move in my book.

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@JohnBrown Playing with the creditworthiness of the U.S. government is batshit crazy. There's no justification.

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Some Republican senators harbor concerns about Mitch McConnell’s health, saying they have personally witnessed changes in the minority leader, 81, after he fell and sustained a concussion in March.

Publicly, Senate Republicans are rallying around McConnell, R-Ky., sending him their support and well-wishes. None are calling on him to step down, and the senators who are next in line for the top job say they’re making no succession plans.

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@JohnBrown Wrong market

@NiallWeaver But, same age. Interesting.

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