Will another US bank be shut down by the FDIC in May? (After First Republic)
resolved Jun 1

Resolves YES if after First Republic Bank's collapse on May 1 and before June 1 (eastern time), another US bank is placed into FDIC receivership according to https://www.fdic.gov/resources/resolutions/bank-failures/failed-bank-list/.


The ongoing banking crisis has caused the collapse of several large regional banks including Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank, and several other regional banks appear to be on shaky footing with large stock price declines in the last few weeks.


Uncertainty continues to pummel the banking industry, despite assurances from financial regulators and bankers such as Jamie Dimon this week that the worst of the recent crisis is over and the health of the banking system remains strong.

Bank shares have sold off on Wall Street this week following the government seizure and subsequent sale of First Republic Bank to JPMorgan. It was the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history and the third failure of a midsize lender in two months.

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@Mira You are going all in on the letter market?

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@AlexbGoode yes, and it worked out.

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I'm showcasing this market because the ongoing banking crisis is very important to the global economy and the prospect of a potential recession, and it's an easy-to-understand question that isn't straightforwardly tracked on the financial markets.

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I also created and linked some related questions on whether contagion will affect the biggest US banks:

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PacWest Bancorp plunged nearly 42% to a new low before trading was halted Thursday, despite comments from its officials that tried to assuage customers and Wall Street. And another regional bank, First Horizon, was having its own troubles after it called off a merger.

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Sounds like today they announced 9.5% withdrawal over the last week, though everything appears to be paywalled.

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do YES holders have any specific banks in mind? first republic was noted as in trouble when SVB collapsed

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@jacksonpolack The bank stocks that have fallen this week are good ones to watch: PacWest and Western Alliance are some of the bigger names.

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@jack First Horizon just tanked.