Will I continue to be productive this entire week?
resolved May 30

Here is a market I made to enforce my productivity today:


Will I be productive tomorrow?
Will I be productive tomorrow?
Resolved YES. The past week I have begun to be very unproductive, often only getting an hour’s work done in almost 6-7 hrs. This is bad, and it is an issue I want to fix before it becomes a habit (I’d also like to correct my general habit of procrastination). So, I will be betting my entire balance…

It worked (thankfully), so I'm trying to continue this but for an entire week. Because a week is a lot longer than a day (7 times longer, in fact) I am loosening the criterion to

  • Get all relevant work done

  • Don't spend more than 30 consecutive minutes being unproductive before I finish relevant work

  • Don't spend more than 60 min total being unproductive before I finish relevant work

These criterion only apply to time in which I don't have a structured activity (school, extracurriculars, etc). In addition, I get three passes; that is, I can fail to achieve one of these bullet points at most three times during the next week and this market will still resolve YES.

I will probably be still betting a lot of mana on this market, though not as much as today. Every day I continue to be productive I'll bet at least 100 mana on YES.

Edit: this market starts Tuesday, May 23 and ends at the end of Monday, May 29. Once again, the day only starts when I wake up in the morning.

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Ameliapredicted YES

somehow i did it :0

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Ameliapredicted YES

@ithildulin to be fair i was not productive over the weekend (didn't reach my planned goals), but that was due to reasons out of my control (health reasons). so i think the market still resolves YES, as in i was as productive as i could have been

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Confluxpredicted NO at 89%

nice work!

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Ameliabought Ṁ100 of YES

now that i have found a person to hold me accountable i feel a lot better about my chances of not accidentally slipping up

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Ameliabought Ṁ100 of YES

as i continue to pour money into this market i start to doubt my capabilities of being 100% impartial. unfortunately i have no siblings so i cannot turn over authority on this market to someone who'll be able to keep me accountable 24/7.

however i really don't like the feeling of resolving a market that i have tons of mana on, especially since my guidelines are not as black and white as i'd like them to be. if anyone has ideas for how i can keep this more fair, or if anyone would like to volunteer to take control of this market (this would include regularly pestering me + asking me about how much time i've spent being unproductive) to make sure i'm staying on track, lmk

ithildulin avatar
Ameliapredicted YES at 23%

@ithildulin i will amend that if you want to take control of my market you have to 1. be trustworthy enough to me, 2. know me personally (i don't know how i feel about telling strangers details about my daily life), and 3. not be holding extreme amounts of YES shares (if you're holding NO, that just forces me to be more productive to convince you that i deserve the YES resolution)

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Ameliapredicted YES at 23%

@ithildulin in the meantime i'll try to be as fair as possible

8 avatar

@ithildulin I'd volunteer. Reasons:

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alleycatpredicted NO at 30% (edited)

@ithildulin I can help if u want? If Trent can’t do it for some reason (he’s probably better for this lol). I’d volunteer more for wanting to keep up your productiveness and hopefully help you than for any manifold-related reason. But trent seems like a solid bet!!

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Ameliapredicted YES at 30%

@8 slay thanks

i'll follow up with details in private chat

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Ameliapredicted YES at 30%

@alleycat if you want to, random text reminders to focus are always great!

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power creeppredicted YES at 30%

@ithildulin obligatory reminder that beeminder exists

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Darjbought Ṁ10 of YES

I believe

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Ameliabought Ṁ100 of YES

so yeah, some things happened yesterday and i managed to break all three of my requirements for productivity. it's not very likely i'll be able to retain a perfect record throughout the next week but i'll keep stacking money on this as incentive

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zweepredicted NO at 22%

@ithildulin uh oh uh oh

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Ameliabought Ṁ100 of YES

hopium copium

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Ameliapredicted YES at 70%

update: strike one already; i was like "i'll draw for 10 min" and spent >30 minutes doodling cuz i got distracted by mermay ;-;

i can make it through a week i swear-

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