Will Destiny publish a manifesto in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Will get resolved YES if Destiny writes and publishes a manifesto publically before Dec 31st 2023, 23:59.

Will get resolved NO if Destiny does not write and publish a manifesto publically before Dec 31st 2023, 23:59.

Market will close at 23:59, Dec 31st, 2023.


  1. If Destiny calls it a manifesto, it's a manifesto.

  1. If the community calls it a manifesto and it quickly gets a name similar to the "N-word Manifesto" like e.g. "The Mr. Girl Manifesto", it's a manifesto. Even if Destiny explicitly says it is not a manifesto but the community calls it a manifesto, it's a manifesto.

  2. If neither Destiny or the community call it a manifesto, then it's not a manifesto.

To ensure that there is enough time for the community to "come up" with a name for the publication, I will close the market as soon as I hear about it. Then I will wait 1 week to resolve.

I am active on the subreddit and watch the streams/videos. I will resolve accordingly.

Disclaimer: My subjective experience about the name of the publication will be the deciding factor. Any posts/comments on Manifold will not affect my decision. You can however discuss the rules and I may be convinced to alter them.

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Resolves NO : Creator Comment

predicted NO

It actually resolved NO after all that, crazy times!

predicted YES


predicted NO

@Tumbles this was a roller coaster market for sure. We thought he was going to do a manifesto on mr.girl and lav, but then he changed his mind. Then he teased us with the Hasan manifesto in chat, but then he got sidetracked his his divorce stuff. And then he actually wrote up a whole manifesto for Melina and chose peace instead.

This was my original prediction early on. I was dead wrong though; 2023 was anything but peaceful and it came close to resolving YES at least 3 times.

predicted YES

Dear manifold Santa, I will become a good Christian if you make destiny publish the Melifesto by the end of the year.

predicted YES

Manifold Santa, I need a manifesto, please, anything. I'm going to be piss poor for the 4th time if you don't give me this manifesto.

bought Ṁ100 NO from 12% to 11%

I am sorry YESers. But after rewatching the last few Manifestos and watching the alleged "Melifesto" I just cannot resolve YES.

What we all can agree about is that Destiny wrote A Melifesto, but this: Destiny Responds w/ Receipts (youtube.com) is maybe supported by the Melifesto, but it isn't the Melifesto. It's a reaction to a video which prompted Destiny to release some information that are in the Melifesto, but are not THE Melifesto.

Additionally I have not seen enough "Melifesto" posts/comments/chats that would prompt me to resolve YES based on condition #2.

It's a good day to be a NOer today. YESers you still have ~1 week to convince Destiny to release the document. Good luck.

predicted NO

@iteal Does there need to be a document or article? Can you clarify that while you're here? And also, by "public" does it need to be a document that he links/uploads or does a video about it count as "publish"?

@PunishedFurry The last few Manifestos were all articles/documents/posts arguing his point with links to chatlogs etc.

I would say that a video CAN be a Manifesto, but then it has to be meant and scheduled as a Manifesto from Destiny. And it has to provide evidence links etc.

predicted NO

@iteal Thanks for the clarification.

What about a scenario in which he writes up a google doc does another manifesto on Melina, but intentionally never makes the google doc public (he might feel it's a bit cringe to do an entire public write up on his ex-wife). So he would sometimes show the google doc on stream and some dm's, but mostly uses it as an outline for himself and not something he intends people to read. The community would call it a manifesto and he would sometimes refers to it as a "melnifesto", but he intentionally never publishes it because he doesn't want the dm's out there or it's too personal. It's a tough scenario, but I have a feeling this is a possibility.

predicted NO


The first SIX PAGES (I stopped looking after six) of Destiny's subreddit do not have any posts with Melifesto in the title, and the only posts with manifesto in the title are these ones

It's so joever

predicted NO

@faebie Oh my bad, I searched Melifesto but not melnifesto, thanks for pointing that out

predicted NO

@faebie All them have 50 or less upvotes! And non of them refer to it as a manifesto the way they refer to the vaush and or bob7 manifesto. Even the video posted on destiny’s channel didn’t call it a manifesto!

You’re just grasping at straws!

predicted YES

@Kabose i'm not grasping at anything, i was just saying the representation was a bit dishonest

predicted NO

@faebie If you want to see the community sentiment you would look at post that are getting the most upvotes ! If we look at the post about destiny/Melina drama in the last 30 hours where do you think these post gonna rank ?

predicted YES

@Kabose idk what you're asking lol, how popular destiny/mel drama posts are? they're pretty popular

predicted NO

@faebie You would think that the popular post would mention it was a manifesto?! Not just a few unpopular posts ! Not to mention some of the post that you linked are people who did not watch the stream .

predicted YES

@Kabose i don't think number of sub posts with "manifesto" in the title is representative of if it's a manifesto or not, destiny could drop a manifesto and there could be a ton of posts memeing on/discussing the content in the manifesto without saying "manifesto" in the title.

the stream being a drama stream has nothing to do with subreddit post titles

predicted NO

@faebie You can just look at Reddit a day after the keffals manifesto https://web.archive.org/web/20221002035919/https://www.reddit.com/r/Destiny/ and compare it today’s r/destiny !

predicted YES

@Kabose you just ignored everything that i said and linked a random web archive showing a single post with manifesto in the title

predicted YES

@Kabose all i was saying that the screenshot was a bit dishonest considering there were like 5-6(?) posts calling it a manifesto, we both are on the same side in our opinions of the stream. the original post we're replying to was mostly memeing anyway so it's nothing super serious xD

predicted NO

@faebie -The video is not called a manifesto unlike all the previous manifestos .

  • destiny didn’t call it a manifesto

  • The video does not have the manifesto formula

  • 99% of post on Reddit don’t call it a manifesto

  • Some small post looking for the stream did refer to the stream as melnifesto

predicted YES

@Kabose m8 are u talking to me or someone else? xD i agree that the stream was more of a drama stream than a manifesto drop

predicted NO

@faebie Sorry it just felt like that are some people are arguing that the stream is a manifesto! And I was just shadow boxing !

predicted YES

@Kabose np :") could understand why you would think that since i bought YES lol (and made arguments previously in this post about it being a manifesto, my opinions have changed from when i started though)

predicted NO

@faebie I still think that there is a non zero percent chance that destiny will release a manifesto about Melina in this week!