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closes Apr 15
Will Stellaris: First Contact have a SteamDB rating of 70% or above one month after release?

Stellaris: First Contact is the next story pack DLC coming to Stellaris and will focus on interaction with pre-FTL civilizations. Known features include revamped pre-FTL observation and diplomacy, cloaking technology, and 3 new origins. It is expected to release Q1 2023.

Previous story pack ratings, reverse chronological order:

Ancient Relics: 73.49%

Distant Stars: 65.24%

Synthetic Dawn: 70.12%

Leviathans: 70.94%

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Lemminkainen Fisherbought Ṁ10 of NO

52.5% 5 days since release

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horseis predicting YES at 68%

Updated close to April 14th.

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