Will I have 100 twitter followers by august 17?
resolved Aug 18

I have 91 twitter followers. If I have 100 twitter followers (or more) at some point between now and the end of august 17, this market resolves YES. Else NO. My twitter profile is https://twitter.com/__HMYS__

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jackson polack

... did someone actually buy you followers?

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Tarlpredicted NO

@jacksonpolack seems like it. Might have been a great Mana/$ exchange rate

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Vopredicted YES

@Tarl 200 MANA profit for a USD 0.077 investment 🤑

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Ballon Postepredicted NO

The absence of a specified time zone does not mean that the time zone to be taken into account will be the one most convenient for our bets.

At midnight UTC/GMT, the condition was not met.

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Vobought Ṁ210 of YES
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you will.

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Vopredicted YES

@d you did.

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end of aug 17th what time zone?

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Vopredicted YES

@d its 22:48 here

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David Bolin

Why does this close Aug 22 when it is about Aug 17?

TundraXD avatar
Tundra XD

Bruh nobody is going to follow you

DavidBolin avatar
David Bolin

@TundraXD That is the purpose of the bet. You cannot decrease their followers but you can increase them, and it only takes 6 bets (with people following them) to get them to 100.