Will Manifold show my Current Portfolio Value in the main navigation?
Jun 1
M$93 bet
Currently Manifold shows only the cash available for trading under the username in the main navigation area. Will Manifold show my total portofolio value somewhere in the main nav, and which is sticky on every page. Change must happen by June 1st when the closes.

hawkebia bought M$1 of YESa month ago

Also by current portfolio value I mean Cash + Investment

hawkebia bought M$5 of YESa month ago

Cash available is mostly only useful when making a bet. Current portfolio value is good global information to have - along with daily change in portfolio value.

James Grugett bought M$1 of YESa month ago

Interesting idea! Don't you think it might be mistaken for your balance? Might be confusing. Or maybe the extra detail is just useful.