Will there be a Black Friday 2023 stampede that results in at least one injury or death?
resolved Nov 25

Must be reported by a major news outlet. Must happen on Black Friday. Must be a stampede. Other types of altercations don't count.

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Daniel Meyerpredicted NO

Seems like the few weeks before thanksgiving is Black Friday now.

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Panfilobought Ṁ500 of NO

All I can find are articles about how Black Friday aint what it used to be. RIP

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Kevin Blawdbought Ṁ10 of YES

Injury = results in some sort of hospitalization? Or, will video evidence of "golly, that must have hurt" be sufficient?

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flukepredicted NO

@KevinBlaw Was thinking a reputable news article must report someone as “injured” (or variation of the term) to be sufficient. So probably closer to hospitalization or EMT treatment than “ouch”

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Kevin Blawdpredicted YES

@fluke Not saying this is definitive but: https://blackfridaydeathcount.com/ -- looks like either we are due for a stampede or stores have figured out how to manage traffic OR no one shops in person since 2008.

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Forrest Taylor 🏅predicted NO

@KevinBlaw most of these are from shootings not stampedes