Will the largest position under this question be a prime number?
resolved Mar 1

Closing Time: 07:00 UTC on 1 March 2024

This question will resolve to YES if the largest position (payout, could be YES or NO) on this question is a prime number at closing time. It will resolve to NO otherwise.

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@floodysec12 resolves YES,

I have the largest position and it is a prime number

@Bayesian i was wondering what you were doing over there… shoulda guessed

@ainsarch original plan was to cause market movement every few second so that it's very hard for someone to get a specific amount of shares quickly, making it hard for a YES buyer to get to a prime number of shares. but then nobody seemed to be going for that plan, so i could just be the YES buyer that goes for a specific amount of shares. kinda was risky ig, probably bad ev even if it worked

ig if someone sniped they also couldn't have verified that their bet wouldn't be prime, and it would cost them enough that the last bunch of shares they buy of NO are costing them 99.9 cents, so in the end it's bad ev to fight it.. hmm

@Bayesian Could just always buy an even number of no shares

@Fedor yeah the fact that you can verify a number isn't prime much more quickly (sometimes) than you can verify it is prime does advantage the NO buyer who tries to find a non-prime number at the last moment before market closes. hm