Real Madrid vs Manchester City, UCL 2022-2023: All marktes aggregated
resolved May 17

This market will resolve N/A.

The purpose of this market is to provide a single page where all the markets related to Manchester city's match with Real Madrid are to be aggregated.

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Wooohooo, what a nice dominating half for city

I will tip you, for your effort in aggregating these markets, by betting 1 mana on this market

@JeremiahAlkash Thank you! I'm not sure if trader bonuses are rolled back when a market resolves N/A, but thanks still!

predicted YES

@firstuserhere That's what I was doing with my bet as well, thanks for making this :)

@NamesAreHard i think you'll appreciate this page

This is mostly for my own convenience as there are several derivative markets that provide an opportunity for profit, but it's easy to miss them.

Let me know if I missed any markets, I will add those to the description.