Will my partner and I adopt at least one cat by the end of 2023?
closes 2024

This market resolves as YES if my partner and I have adopted at least one cat by the end of 2023. Otherwise, it resolves as NO.

My partner and I are moving to a different state for grad school (probably around mid-August) and we'll be sharing an apartment. We want to adopt a cat, but some obstacles may get in our way; we need to find a pet-friendly apartment, for example. Financial issues could pose a problem, but probably won't.

I will provide proof of us adopting a cat (if we do so) with at least three adorable cat pictures posted in the comments section.

Since I'll know the outcome of this market before it resolves, I won't be betting on it. It won't resolve until the adoption process is finalized and we have the cat(s) at home with us. I expect this market to resolve no earlier than early-mid September of this year.

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hope so. kitties are super cute

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Shaked Koplewitzbought Ṁ10 of YES

This isn't relevant to the market, but what kind of cat would you want?

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@ShakedKoplewitz I'm not sure! Our main priority is to adopt from a shelter, so my partner and I will take whatever cat(s) we think needs a home the most. I have a particular fondness for black cats since I think they look cool and there are a lot of them who need better homes (since superstition gives them a bad public image) but I have no idea if any shelters where we live will have any.

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