[Short-fuse] Will I safely install my new SSD?
resolved Sep 20

I have a new 4 TB SSD* and a desktop computer and if I somehow manage to break one of them while installing it, I will cry.

*"Evergreen, how did you afford this on a graduate TA salary?" I didn't. One of my friends is a software engineer.

For reference: I am pretty tech-savvy but not very hardware-savvy. I will be trying to avoid any sources of static electricity while I do the install. Fingers crossed...

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Forrest Taylorbought Ṁ80 of YES

They are easy to install, I screw around with mine drunkenly all the time, have for years, and I have never ruined one

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Closing a lot later than I thought because somehow no store in this entire god-damned city has SATA cables. Can't install it until tomorrow. Irrationally mad about it.

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John Smithpredicted YES

@evergreenemily Hot tip: buy a pack of 50 random sata etc etc cables and be all set until you lose the box

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@JohnSmithb9be This tip sounds like it may be informed by personal experience...

(I do have two spare ones now, since I got a pack of three. Given how many SATA power cables my power supply has, I could probably install two additional SSDs. It would be overkill, though.)

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John Smithpredicted YES

@evergreenemily I built a computer last year and deliberately bought more than I needed for this exact reason.

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Updated the closing time since I need to buy a SATA cable and it might take a little bit.

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Sodrabought Ṁ100 of YES

I believe in you!

I, personally, have never had an issue with static electricity damaging any components while installing them. I think I've built around 10 PCs at this point.

There is always the chance that the SSD is dead on arrival, which i presume would resolve this as NO if that were the case. Luckily failure rates are low...

M.2 or Sata?

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evergreenemily avatar

@Sodra SATA! It's going great so far, actually - the only issue is I need to buy a SATA cable to connect it to the motherboard (it's connected to the power supply just fine, I think, but I won't know until I can get the data cable...)