🏈 2023 NFL: Who will be the last perfect kicker?
resolved Nov 12
Harrison Butker
Justin Tucker
Cameron Dicker
Tyler Bass
Daniel Carlson
Nick Folk
Jake Moody
Cairo Santos
Matt Gay
Blake Grupe
Riley Patterson
Chris Boswell
Anders Carlson
Greg Zuerlein
Greg Joseph

Each game, any kicker to miss a field goal or extra point is eliminated. The last active kicker remaining (min. 10 FG or XP attempts) is the winner.

Perfect thru Week 9:

  • Harrison Butker

  • Nick Folk

Eliminated as of 2023-10-29:

  • Brandon Aubrey

  • Tyler Bass

  • Chris Boswell

  • Anders Carlson

  • Daniel Carlson

  • Cameron Dicker

  • Jake Elliott

  • Kaimi Fairbairn

  • Graham Gano

  • Matt Gay

  • Blake Grupe

  • Dustin Hopkins

  • Greg Joseph

  • Younghoe Koo

  • Wil Lutz

  • Brett Maher

  • Chase McLaughlin

  • Brandon McManus

  • Evan McPherson

  • Jake Moody

  • Jason Myers

  • Riley Patterson

  • Eddy Pinero

  • Matt Prater

  • Chad Ryland

  • Jason Sanders

  • Cairo Santos

  • Joey Slye

  • Justin Tucker

  • Greg Zuerlein

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bought Ṁ552 of Harrison Butker YES

Thanks for the awesome/fun marker!

bought Ṁ1,400 of Harrison Butker YES

Nick Folk miss. Harrison Butker is 2023’s last perfect kicker!

bought Ṁ50 of Harrison Butker YES

Butker and Folk have both survived thru week 9. Next week, Folk kicks at TB while the Chiefs have a bye.

After week 8:

  • Harrison Butker (Sunday very early, Frankfurt)

  • Nick Folk (Thursday, @Pit)

sold Ṁ4 of Anders Carlson YES

After week 7, 3 kickers left:

  • Harrison Butker (@DEN, late)

  • Chris Boswell (@PIT, early)

  • Nick Folk (@TEN, early)

After week 6, these 5 kickers remain:

  • Harrison Butker (@KC, late)

  • Chris Boswell (@LAR, late)

  • Anders Carlson (@DEN, late)

  • Nick Folk (bye)

  • Cairo Santos (@CHI, early)

Bass 52 yd miss

bought Ṁ100 of Riley Patterson NO

Patterson miss

bought Ṁ100 of Greg Joseph NO

Joseph XP blocked

bought Ṁ50 of Jake Moody NO

Moody 54 yd miss

After week 5, still 9 remaining. Daniel Carlson was eliminated, but Greg Joseph has been added to the list. (ESPN did not list him in their FG% ranking due to his low number of attempts, but he qualifies for this market with 4 FGs and 14 XPs.)

  • Tyler Bass (@BUF, SNF)

  • Chris Boswell (bye)

  • Harrison Butker (@KC, TNF)

  • Anders Carlson (bye)

  • Nick Folk (London)

  • Greg Joseph (@CHI, early)

  • Jake Moody (@CLE, early)

  • Riley Patterson (@TB, late)

  • Cairo Santos (@CHI, early)

sold Ṁ140 of Other NO

@eppsilon was wondering why other still had a decent percentage haha

bought Ṁ24 of Daniel Carlson NO

Daniel Carlson 53 yd miss

bought Ṁ10 of Harrison Butker YES

And then there were 9…

All remaining kickers are perfect through Week 4.

Week 5 matchups:

  • Bass (Su 9:30 AM ET, Tottenham)

  • Boswell (Su 1 PM ET, @PIT)

  • Butker (Su 4:25 PM ET, @MIN)

  • Carlson, A (Mo 8:15 PM ET, @LV)

  • Carlson, D (Mo 8:15 PM ET, @LV)

  • Folk (Su 1 PM ET, @IND)

  • Moody (Su 8:20 PM ET, @SF)

  • Patterson (Su 1 PM ET, @DET)

  • Santos (Th 8:15 PM ET, @WAS)

bought Ṁ40 of Greg Zuerlein NO

Greg Zuerlein miss from 52

bought Ṁ40 of Matt Gay NO

Matt Gay miss from 47

Added this to and created a futures dashboard for anybody looking to avoid the clutter of the "X to beat X" clutter of the NFL topic (for now, hopefully we can make "NFL Future" it's own topic):


In theory, this can't be closed until the end of the season (since a team can sign a kicker), correct? Just confirming (which is why "Other" has a large percentage)

@XavierW That's clearly not within the spirit of the market though

(there is a mirrored flaw where it could have resolved to the first kicker to hit ten combined FGs and XPs, but it's fine to ignore these contingencies)

bought Ṁ10 of Harrison Butker YES

@JoshuaWilkes yeah…both flaws are “technically correct, the best kind of correct”, but i will assert my market making authority and ignore them

@JoshuaWilkes i’ll make the rules more robust next year 🙂

@eppsilon Sounds good, definitely agree it's against the spirit of the market in the scenario I described

@eppsilon there is an uncomfortable scenario where a kicker gets injured and his replacement is on 8 successful kicks when the second to last other kicker misses a kick

Eddy Pinero 55-yd miss

bought Ṁ34 of Blake Grupe NO

Grupe missed game winning 46-yd FG