Will I be done writing a LessWrong article about my current moral frameworks by end of November?
resolved Dec 1

I keep talking about my own moral framework which I've discovered here on Manifold in ACX meetups, and I keep being reminded that I should just go and write about it.

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are we going again in December? 🙃

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@shankypanky Hmm, maybe for january 15th?

My main problem is that I intended to leave Manifold soon-ish, I feel that it's become too big and that I'm not getting a lot out of it (should work on that prisma port so I can host many instances between friends/communities), and I am less sure of how I want to prioritize this article (I like creating this market as a commitment to working actively on it I think?).

I don't know, I could also create the question just as a passive interest too

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@shankypanky Okay, in hyper mode again and wanting to make it a high priority, so here you go 😁


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This can resolve NO? @epiphanie_gedeon

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Seems like I'm indeed not going to get finnished writing it in time (4500 words now), I do appologize for that

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Update: Worked about 3 hours writing it today, I'm at 3500 words though a lot of them will need to be cut down. I have a general understanding of what kind of focus I want to put on it, and it does seem valuable for me to finish writing it this month.

What's the current status?

I'm looking forward to reading it!

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@shankypanky Thanks for checking in!
Current status is mostly time spent on formalization and edge-cases, global plan and intro/first section is made and I just have to decide what level of details I would want to use.

@epiphanie_gedeon oh, so the hardest part haha

(or maybe that's just me - I'm terrible at narrowing my focus and it's such a barrier)

Nice to hear you're advancing 🙌

I'm going with Yes ✔️